History - Sichuan Xinwei Rubber Co., Ltd. -

History of Our Company


Zhou Yongguo, the chairman of the company, established the Xishan Special Rubber Factory with others. (Hereinafter referred as Xishan Factory)

8th April, 1997

Jiangyou Xinwei Special Rubber Products Co., Ltd was begun to research and develop rubber accessories for ropeway and oil drilling equipment with more than 10 staffs. The annul value of production was about 150,000 dollars.


After the acquisition of the former Xishan Special Rubber Factory, small batch production of mining, cement equipment rubber accessories, ropeway and oil drilling and production accessories


The annul value of production was about 550,000 dollars.


The annul value of production was about 800,000 dollars.


The annul value of production was about 1,600,000 dollars.


Moved to the industrial park because of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008

The annul value of production was about 3,200,000 dollars.


The annul value of production was about 5,500,000 dollars.


The annul value of production was about 7,500,000 dollars.


Moved to the current address and achieved the production capability of 800,000 pieces per year.

The annul value of production was about 13,100,000 dollars.


It lasted 3 years to develop the Blowout Preventer Integrated Test Device with a total investment of more than 8 million dollars.


After more than 20 years’ development, the company became a famous scale manufacturer of the sealing elements for well controlling.


The company won the bid for the BOP rubber parts of 48 major categories of drilling and production parts purchased by CNPC from 2019 to 2020 and it was recommended the first-level materials into the supplying network. The scientific research and technology development project "Development and Standardization Research and Application of Long-life Annular BOP rubber sealing elements with Pressure Operation" undertaken by the company from CNPC was successfully concluded and accepted in Jilin Oilfield


The company formally participated in the project of BOP rubber packers and other materials of CNOOC Drilling Division.

History of BOP Sealing Element


“Y” seal ring was produced with best level appearance and quality which satisfy the user. Fallowed with O rings, YX rings, YO rings etc.

1993BT rings for casing head was successfully produced for our customer which can only be produced in the USA for high quality at that time.


The valve rubber was successfully developed with the quality far exceed the others. We are the first to develop the H2S highly resistance seals which filled the domestic gap.


Various kinds of sealing packing elements for oil drilling ram BOP were developed which were approved by the Sichuan petroleum management bureau and won the market access certification.


The OEM Cameron ram BOP packing element was developed and passed the pressure test at the first time. The quality was approved by the Tarim oilfield and won the market access certification.


The OEM Williams rotating BOP packing element was developed. It was approved and accepted by Karamay oilfield, Petro China and Sinopec.


The OEM rubber sealing elements for both annular and ram BOP of Shaffer and Hydril.


The spherical packing element for 13 5/8”-5000psi and 11”-5000psi annular BOP was successfully developed.


The company developed all the OEM rubber sealing elements for all the top three BOP companies in the USA and domestic market. Especially it made the company more competitive that the development of the VBR ram packers and annular packing elements with higher pressure rating of 10,000 psi.


Participated in the "Research on Evaluation Method and Finalization Specification of Pressure Working Equipment" held by PetroChina Exploration and Development Research Institute and successfully passed the final acceptance of the science and technology project of PetroChina Exploration and Production Company;


Cooperate with the Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development of China; undertake the main research and development work of the 2016 scientific research and technology development project of PetroChina Exploration and Production Company -- "research and standardization research and application of long life rubber core of annular blowout preventer with pressure operation"


The industry standard HG/T2292-2016 "Rubber core of annular blowout preventer", which was revised and drafted by the company, was implemented;


The company presided over the drafting and formulating of the national standard of Q/SY "Test method for evaluation of rubber core performance of annular blowout preventer with pressure operation rubber core of annular blowout preventer with pressure operation”


The annular packing elements and ram packers with big diameter and high pressure rating for offshore drilling platform were successfully developed and came into service.

The History of Ropeway Wheel Lining


Zhou Yongguo, the chairman of the company, completed the development of "rubber wheel lining for passenger ropeway" when he was a technician in the former Jiangyou Rubber Factory.


Started to develop a 3-5 m/s operating speed of the wheel lining and the trails were carried in Hainan Monkey Island ropeway, Shanghai Bund sightseeing tunnel


The trail was carried in Tonglixing Ropeway, Shanxi province.


The solid grinding wheel was developed for Inner Mongolia Hailaer Mining Co., Ltd., the speed reached 8-10 meters/s, the tonnage reaches 2T, the use effect can meet the similar technical requirements and service life of foreign products, successfully replacing the imported products.


Poma provided sample for trail production.


As one of the supplier, the company’s suitable wheel linings were supplied to the advanced detachable ropeway researched by Bejing Materials Handling Research Institute Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as BMHRI).


After testing in Poma France, the performance of trail products for Poma was proved to be very good and meanwhile trail in Sichuan Hailuogou and Jiangxi Bijiashan ropeways etc.

BMHRI decided to replace all the installed wheel linings with the products of the company. Xinwei Rubber became the only specified lining wheel supplier of BMHRI for the high speed detachable ropeway.


The improved wheel linings passed the 8m/s series of testing and were sent to more than 20 imported ropeways in Wudang Mountain, Tianzhu Mountain, Mingyue Mountain and Wugong Mountain etc. for trail. Those customers were satisfied with the products and kept replying us with the good performance these years.

May, 2015

The company supplied two improved wheel linings for Doppelmayr and Poma for trail.

October, 2015

The company accepted the task of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to preside over the drafting and formulating of the national standard of "Rubber Wheel Lining for Passenger Ropeway"


The national standard GB/T34227-2017 "Rubber Wheel Lining for Passenger Ropeway"was successfully released and implemented.


The president of the Asia Pacific region of Semperit came to our company for the cooperation and purchase of the wheel lining samples


The application of the wheel lining in many imported ropeways from Doppelmayr and Poma exceeded the expects of the clients.